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Аренда/покупка яхты Fountaine Pajot 14м "SOLITUDE" 2002

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Парусная яхта
Fountaine Pajot
14 м
7.3 м
1.3 м
172 Л.
Engines 2 - Yanmar 37 HP ( diesel )Generator 1 - Northern Lights 6.5 KW (diesel )

Fall in love with the "SOLITUDE" amidst the azure waters of the Virgin Islands, the perfect weather, and the friendly, laid back people. The consistent Caribbean trade winds will carry you to idyllic island vistas with unspoiled white sand beaches. Snorkel among pristine coral reefs teeming with life. The ultimate in luxury, exquisite cuisine, exciting water activities and plenty of time to relax and unwind, your professional crew will see that your time aboard Solitude is the vacation of a lifetime.

Ice Maker = No; Full instrumentation including log, speedo, depth sounder, anenometer, autopilot, GPS Can accommodate 4 couples in double, ensuite, cabins. Twins in forepeak for crew. Crew shares one bathroom with guests. Inquiry for 9th and 10th berth, children only

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